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How to successfully build and develop a company - with and without blockchain

4. Apr. 2019
20:00 - 22:00 Uhr

We discuss key topics drive the success of companies from incubation to growth, whether it is to find the right product mix, the going to market, to structure or to scale up. Gain insights from a seasoned entrepreneurs and how to apply lessons learnt it to your own company. Bring the challenges that you are currently facing and we will discuss it with other attending entrepreneurs. And learn from experiences of other attending entrepreneurs. We particularly address how the past crypto hype is affecting future business creation and fundraising and how we can learn from recent developments. ************************************** We are introducing you to private investors at a dinner reception in combination with a pitching workshop. Please let us know whether you are interested: [masked] ************************************** This meetup is part of a meetup series with general discussions on how to create a new business or how to address challenges faced by an existing business. We discuss different topics such as: - Initial Funding - Growth Funding - Private Sales / ICO / STO / IPO - Company Formation - Company Structuring - Regulations - Incentivation / Tokenomics - Business Modeling - Marketing / Communications - International Business Development - Trading Platforms - Use Cases - Pitch Training - Finding Co-Founders - Team Building - Legal Framework - International Networking This meetup is for - Future entrepreneurs - Existing entrepreneurs Angaben zur Lokalität: Take the wooden door entrance and ring bell "SIP" meetup - the largest network of local communities that meet offline about their shared interests and passions - register for this event on meetup.com