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Founders Hiking @ Zugerberg

30. März 2019
09:15 - 12:15 Uhr

Join us for the Founders Social Hiking with Outdoor Pitching Hiking trip of approx. 1h 45min (estimated 6km) on Zugerberg starting and ending in Zug Schönegg (bus 11 end station) take a ticket which includes the Zugerberg Funicular 9:15-9:20 Arrival (Bus arrives 9:20) 9:26 Funicular Ride Uphill 9:35 Introduction 9:45 Hiking Start 10:45 Elevator Pitching (for those who wish) 11:15 Hiking Continued 11:56 Funicular Ride Downhill 12:05 Arrival Schönegg Everybody who agrees on the conditions below is welcome to participate, independent on whether you are entrepreneur or not, independent whether you are founder or not. Worldwide visitors welcome! The idea is to find likeminded people in a relaxed atmosphere. You may pitch your business idea, but this is entirely voluntary. Please check the meetup description the day before the event and at 9am on the event day as we may amend the program or change the date according to weather conditions. We will seek alternative routes every time to keep the event attractive. We may show the light Zugerberg hike as default program before choosing a specific location. We my also do a barbecue. This hiking is not for people who rarely exercise, though the tour is light. Be sure you have the health and conditioning level that you can easily hike for 2 hours. Bring plenty of water, snacks and eventueally something to barbecue. Choose the clothing according to weather conditions. Wear comfortable shoes with good profiles. This is not understood as guided tour as you participate at your own risk. By participating you agree on these terms. Angaben zur Lokalität: Meet us at the entrance of Zugerberg Funicular Satation meetup - the largest network of local communities that meet offline about their shared interests and passions - register for this event on meetup.com